Plants for Home of Office
Mowbray Mobile Plants offers the general public, domestic or commercial, the opportunity to buy any horticultural product including 10,000 varieties of plants and pots of any description, chemicals, soils, mulches and all other nursery affiliated products.

Buy Plants Online and Save
Save money buying online! No overheads mean we can reduce the price on all your gardening needs, some by up to 30%.

Colour as well as strategically placed specimen plants will add value to your home for a relatively inexpensive outlay.

Not only do we supply goods to your door we also offer consultancy, design & landscape construction including retaining walls,paving, drainage, irrigation, turfing & garden lighting.   See Services




Thank you to all our Customers of Mowbray Garden Centre
As the owners of the Mowbray Garden Centre which traded in Lane Cove Sydney, we would like to sincerely thank all our customers who traded with us for over 25 years.

Glenn and Michelle Taylor    0415 476 408

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